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A Place to Nourish your Grieving heart

Blending Aromatherapy and Hope after Pregnancy and Infant Loss


Hi! I'm Melissa

I am so grateful that you found your way here! Please, pull up a chair and stay awhile, friend.

After experiencing multiple miscarriages, it has ignited a passion to support you in your grief and break the silence of pregnancy and infant loss.

Essential Grief exists to support bereaved mother's holistically in their grief journey. We equip you with aromatherapy and grief support in order to bring hope and nurture your soul so you can feel loved. 

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What if you could find HOPE in the midst of Mourning?

Grief is challenging. Grief is messy.

Pregnancy and infant loss can plunge you into a turbulent ocean of physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms.

Do you feel alone because no one wants to acknowledge your baby?

Does anger have a grip so tight that you feel an aggressive rage?

Do panic attacks seem to strike out of no where?

Are you reliving the nightmare over and over again?

 Does insomnia seem to be your companion?

Do you feel as though you are spiralling out of control?

Are you drowning in your own emotions?

My heart aches for you. Know that your pain is valid. Your baby matters and you matter. I desperately want you to know that you are loved and you are not alone.

Essential Grief provides you with aromatherapy blends to help you process your emotions so that you can experience peace in your grief journey. 

Our support offers a compassionate ear, safe space to mourn, room to celebrate your baby's life, and a deepening of your faith.

You can flourish the way God intended.

Because you are a wildflower.

Wildflowers bring beauty and joy.

Wildflowers are not uniform, but unique.

Wildflowers are fragile, but strong.

Wildflowers grow in the most difficult places.

But in order for a wildflower to bloom. They need the rain.

The prevailing rain and winds of grief can leave you drowning in anger, anxiety, PTSD, stress, mental exhaustion, insomnia, depression, loneliness and even questioning your faith.

We cannot control the storm. Or take away the pain.

But we can help ease some of the burden with aromatherapy.


Allow us to walk with you on your grief journey.

You are made to bloom in your own wildflower way. 

Our custom blends are specific to your needs on your grief journey. We know that you are unique and have your own challenges when it comes to grief.

Give yourself some self care. You deserve it!


I used an aromatherapy inhaler and found it extremely helpful for calming the waves of my grief. It was the perfect size to bring with me where ever I went. When my anxiety escalated, having quick and easy access to my inhaler helped calm and ground me. I highly recommend the use of aromatherapy inhalers to assist with grief. Especially all of the emotions that accompany grief.

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Loss is universal. Grief is individual

For your Grieving Heart


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Looking for more support?

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Holistic Support

We assist our clients in meeting their individual needs with personalized and quality blends using essential oils.

Peer Support Group

Holding Space

Our non-judgmental support group provides the kind of comprehensive support you seek as you navigate the challenges of grief. We hold space for your pain while giving you hope. Because you are loved. You matter. Your baby matters. Your story matters. (Coming Soon)

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Online Community

Support and Friendship

Join our thriving community of women who have suffered loss. Our community is a hope filled place where you are reminded that you are not alone in your grief.


Deepen your faith

We provide herbal/aromatherapy care packages. Our packages are curated with items to deepen your devotion to Our Sorrowful Mother. We understand how important it is to honour the tiny lives and remember them in love.

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