Why Under Our Lady's Mantle?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lady's Mantle

(Alchemilla vulgaris)

An herb that has a special affinity to women's reproductive, fertility and breast health. It was originally named Our Lady's Mantle in honor of Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin. The lobed leaves resemble the scalloped edges of her mantle. If you look close enough you can see that the leaves are formed by connecting hearts. Our Lady spreads her heart-woven mantle of strength, wisdom and healing on her children.

(Photography: Susan Hall Photography)

During the Protestant Revolt, Our Lady's Mantle was changed to Lady's Mantle. This was due to the need to break away from the Catholic Church and to disassociate with Mary. The herb had to have a more generic name. As a daughter of Mary, I prefer to call this beautiful plant buy its original name, Our Lady's Mantle. In Italy it is known as Madonna Mantello, or the Madonna’s cloak.

After converting to Catholicism, I started learning about the Marian apparitions. A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance by Mary. And these appearances have supernatural events associated with them.

One of my favorite apparitions is Our Lady of Guadalupe. You can read about it here. When Our Lady appeared to St. Juan Diego she was wearing a black ribbon around her waist which shows she is expecting a child. Our Lady of Guadalupe is known as the patroness of pregnant women and the unborn. You can read some facts about the image of Our Lady here and here.

When we had lost Benjamin, I heard a beautiful comment about Mary wrapping her mantle around us during the time of our initial grief. She may not be here physically on earth but she remains by the side of her son. She can comfort us in our time of sorrow. When Jesus hung on the cross and told John the apostle "Behold, your mother." (John 19:27) It was not simply a way that Jesus was caring for His mother but a declaration where we are all called to share Mary as our spiritual mother.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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